Sponsors & Donations


We have now launched our fundraising campaign!  Please check it out at GoFundMe.com/TeamUV
Even the smallest donation helps and no money will go to waste; every dime will go towards manufacturing and testing the vehicle!

GoFundMe Poster

Sponsors & Donors

1. CitiPrint   “Specializing in fine printing craftsmanship in the digital age”

Location:   Van Nuys, CA
Email:   citiprint@socal.rr.com
Phone:   (818) 787-1005
Website:   CitiPrint.com

2. Bandel Manufacturing   “Since 1947”

Location:   Los Angeles, CA
Email:   bandelmfg@gmail.com
Phone:   (866) 429-6598
Website:   Bandel.com

3. Our numerous backers and donors who helped to make this project happen through their donations to our fundraising campaign!

Location:   California
Website:   GoFundMe.com/TeamUV

Donate Button with Credit Cards
Donations may be made by credit card or PayPal balance (both through PayPal).  Any donations are greatly appreciated and this page will be used to keep our supporters informed with regards to what your generous donations have helped us to pay for!