2 comments on “Engineering the Environment

  1. interesting article. Really enjoyed learning about the Sahara project. I happened to read a National Geographic article recently, along with a series of articles, on our food vs population growth problem, and agriculture’s contribution to the greenhouse effect. The cow vs bugs vs chicken circle wasn’t discussed. However, targeted application of fertilizer & pesticide w computerized tractors w sensors & GPS tailored to specific soil needs vs less runoff, subsurface drip systems, and organic farming (cover crops, mulch & compost) are being developed/used. Also, a big issue is feed crops (corn & soybean) required to support meat, eggs and dairy vs considering moving away from reliance on the latter. This is a complex subject which is fascinating to research.


  2. Those ‘smart tractors’ sound pretty cool! There’s a lot of new innovations in this area and its all interesting stuff. Good point about the feed crops required to produce meat, cows eat a lot! The cow vs bugs vs chickens idea is technically called livestock crop integration and there are a lot of scholarly articles and webinars out there if you’d like to learn more, just a bit of a warning the’re all a bit dry! This system would also significantly reduce the amount of feed crops required allowing more food for humans! Thanks for reading and please check back often, we try and update 3 times a week!


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